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Telephone: 07 585 149 476

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What area’s do you cover?

We cover mainly Coventry, but can expand into Warwickshire & Leicestershire. We are willing to travel but mileage and time will be charged for.

Do I need to supply any special equipment?

For Private blood tests, you need to have the test kit before you book the appointment.

For NHS tests, please make sure you have the forms from your doctor, that they are signed and you have followed any instructions.

For the phlebotomy service, all equipment will need to be supplied.

I have a latex allergy.

All our equipment is latex free, please tell us if you have any reactions to anything we use. Eg, plasters, tape etc

Do I need a form from the Doctor?

Yes, for all NHS tests, you need a completed form from a Doctor.

Private tests should come with relevant paperwork.

We can not take tests with out this paperwork


We both do not plan to create bruising, but unfortunately it can happen. After we remove the needle, we do ask that you apply pressure on the gauze, please do so as hard as possible. This is to stop the bleeding and reduce the risk of bruising.

We will check you have stopped bleeding before we leave and if you have any concerns afterwards, please contact your GP.  

Can you take samples from children?

We both have current DBS’s and are cleared to work with Children.

Under 16 year olds are requested to visit hospitals to have their blood samples taken.

Depending on your child, we are willing to attempt a blood draw on 8 years old and up, but reserve the right to decline at any time. A parent must be in attendance.


We both hold Public Liability, Professional Indemnity and Medical Malpractice. Sue also holds non invasive health screening.   

Do I have to fast before my blood test?

For most tests, please eat and drink as normal.

There are some that must be done fasting, your Doctor should tell you. You should be able to drink water as normal.

If you have not fasted we will be unable to take this test and you will still be charged. Please check before your appointment.

Can I take my medicine before my test?

Normally you would take any medicine as usual.

There are some tests that need to be so many hours after your last dose, hopefully you will have been advised of this from your doctor.

We will also ask you when your last dose was, please remember a time.

Nervous / Anxiety  

We understand blood tests can make people nervous. We can

If you feel unwell at any stage, we can stop what we are doing.

I faint during my blood test, will you still take it?

Please tell us, if you have a history of fainting or being unwell during your previous blood tests.

We are both experienced first aiders and are confident we can keep you safe.

You will be asked to lay down for the draw, this could be on a bed, sofa or floor. We would also ask that you have someone with you, if this is not possible please tell us, so we can both be available.

Other Samples

We will accept other samples, with relevant forms to be taken to the lab with your blood test, please make sure they are labelled correctly.  

What methods of payment do you accept?

For private and NHS Blood tests, we accept the following:-

Cash, Cheque, Paypal, Bank transfer, and  Debt, Visa and Master Cards via Square ( contactless and over the phone)

For the phlebotomist service, Sue will invoice you and she accepts BACS payments.

How long until I get my results?

For Private tests, please look on the companies website or in your paperwork that came with the tests.

For NHS Tests, we take the samples to the lab the same day.

GP’s will normally receive your results with in the week, so please wait 7 days until contacting them, unless told otherwise.

Hospital Forms, the results will be sent to the requestor, normally with in a week. Please allow time before your next appointment.

Covid - 19

Do you wear PPE?

Yes, in line with NHS England guidelines.

Will you take my test in the garden?

Unfortunately as the weather is turning colder, this is not possible, we must be undercover and protected from the elements.