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Have you been told you have:-

- Wobbly veins?

- Small veins?

- Veins that move?

- Deep veins?

Have you needed?

- A butterfly / baby needle

- The sample taken from your hand?

Please tell us, all information passed to us, is in confidence and is covered by UK legislation.

On the day of the test, please:-

- Drink and eat as normal, unless told you have a fasting test.

- Carry out your normal routine.

- Try and keep warm.

- Take any medications you would normally take, unless told otherwise.

- Wear loose clothing around your arms, sleeves that can roll up to mid - upper arm are ok.

Have you had any of the following during your test:-

- Fainting?

- Light headiness?

- Feeling Sick?

- Anxiety?

- Nervousness?

If you know of any medical reasons, we may have difficultly in obtaining a sample.

We are two Phlebotomists, working in Coventry and Warwickshire. We know that blood tests can make patients wobbly at the knees, light headed and shaky, but there is no need to be. We hope to work with you to overcome and lessen your anxiety and worries, we are happy to hear about your past experiences and will ask you a few questions to help us understand.    






Has spent the last year working for the NHS and is branching out into private work. He has experience in hospitals, walk in centres, wards, clinics, chemists and domiciliary visits all in the Coventry.

Barry is looking to expand his experiences and to join Sue in offering the Phlebotomist Service and health screening and he hopes to have the opportunity to meet you.


After being privately trained in Phlebotomy, Sue spent 6 months working for the NHS in a main hospital covering outpatients, wards and walk in centre. Since moving to Bank staff she has worked in other hospitals in the local area and had a stint at domiciliary visits.

Sue has worked in chemists, GP Practices and in the private sector. She is expanding her knowledge of non invasive health screening tests and looks forward to meeting you.

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