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Unfortunately we can not offer you private blood tests but what we can do is take the sample for you.

Below are some links to private companies who offer home laboratory testing, we have no links to any of these companies and receive nothing for your order. We advise the use of a venous sample (sent away to a laboratory)  and not a finger prick test, please do your own research on which test to choose.

If you are interested in a private test, you will need to:

1, Click on links, choose the company that offers the test you want, at a price you like.

2, Order the test through their website, if you click for them to arrange a phlebotomist or you go to a clinic, that's great, it will all be arranged through them and you don’t need us.

3, If you click that you have your own phlebotomist or self arranged, depending on the site, they will send you a kit, with return postage.

4, Once you have received the kit, contact us to arrange your appointment.

5, We will then take your blood sample, sign anything needed and package it up.

6, We will leave it with you to post, the quicker the better or we will post it via Royal Mail priority box, the same day.     


The company will charge you for the test kit.

The phlebotomist will charge you for the sample collection ( this is a separate charge and not included with your test, unless you tick the box in step 2)  Our charge is £15 with in the Coventry boundary, further out and additional mileage costs will be added.

Covid-19 antigen / antibody test.

This test shows if you have the antibodies to Covid -19, the vacutainer  test, is the one that requires a sample from a vein ( like a normal blood test)

This should be taken 2-3 weeks after any Covid -19 symptoms. This test does not show if you currently have Covid-19, if you have symptoms, you need a swab test, click here to arrange one for free.

Blood Group Test

We have a supply of finger-prick blood group testing kits, these kits can give you an idea of your blood group. We can come, take the test with you and help you analyse the results. The test is taken in your home with results in minutes, this is for interest only and would advise if you need results for a legal matter to get a test processed by a lab.

The cost of our test is £30.  

Blue Horizon Blood Tests - Covid 19 antigen test - vacutainer test - Book tests as ‘self arranged’ and we can take it.



Private Blood Tests