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This service is mostly for business, who for some reason find themselves without their regular phlebotomist, this could be because for sickness, training, holiday cover or a change over of staff.

My charge is approximately £15 per hour, but each service is priced individually.

This service assumes the following:-

-You are CQC registered

- You have all the equipment and space / room needed

- You have a laboratory to accept the samples

- You have a courier / transport in place to convey samples to laboratory

- You will take responsibility for the phlebotomy service

Only I offer this service, so once booked I am committed for days and times. If unavailable, I maybe able to put you in contact with other phlebotomists that might be able to help.


I have basic knowledge of EMIS, TQuest, ICE, SystmOne and swiftqueue.

Each patient will need between 5 - 15 mins, but this depends on how organised the system is and what is required at each appointment.

Please note, I will probably run behind, not every patient will fit into an appointment slot, but I will stay late.

If you can be understanding to this, then please get in touch.

If not, please find someone else to help you.

I will need access to your policies and SOP’s, I will try and work within your guidelines but only if they do not contradict mine. I will be honest with you and expect the same in return.

I can also offer automatic blood pressures -  not manual, urinalysis, diabetic foot checks and height & weight.  I am looking to add ECG’s. These extras must be supported by a nurse or doctor.


Phlebotomist Service